“Cormac continually brings fresh ideas to his methods of training. Results are surprisingly quick without cutting corners. He is highly professional and instills confidence in the people he trains that they have more ability than they may have realised. Cormac has a very open approach and works with you to achieve your desired goals in a safe and consistent manner keeping you feeling very motivated. I would recommend Cormac to anyone who is serious about improving their health and looking for new and interesting ways of training. William Savoy (Sports Massage Therapist)” September 3, 2011

Bill Savoy

“Absolutely no hesitation in reccommending Cormac, a true professional with innovative workouts and he helped me loose 16llbs. Thats all you need” September 7, 2011

Marie Peyton 

“Cormac drove me to push myself past the point I had accepted was my limit, and kept reminding me that boundaries are only set by my head over thinking things. Just do! Constant support, his constant pushing with you rather than against has me more than happy with the results we achieved to date. This guy gets you to challenge yourself, rather than try simply keep up!” Febuary 25, 2012

Joanne Corbett