My training philosophy is pretty straight forward, if it works its in!

Training plans are based around your goals. I look at every aspect of your training and nutrition, and look at ways to improve or adapt them to create a healthier lifestyle and get you to where yup want to be.

As well as traditional resistance and bodyweight exercises, here is an overview of some of my preferred training methods:

Bulgarian Bag

The bulgarian bag is a fantastic training tool. It promotes whole body movements and provides a challenge to both your physical strength and endureance. As well as being an effective workout on their own, the movement based techniques used with the bag help create strong flexible joints, which can aid in injury prevention and build a foundation for other types of training. See for yourself.

Boxing/Martial arts

Combat sports are all the rage at the moment and when you see the training regime of a professional fighter you understand why they have such impressive physiques. Boxing provides an excellent all over workout and as well as being a great fat burning exercise its also a seriously good stress buster.


The kettlebell is one of the oldest forms of free weight and its been around for a long time for a reason. Kettlebells are a great tool for toning your body as well as burning fat and building strength and power.

Indoor cycling

If your main goal is cardio fitness then spin is an essential tool in achieving it. Performed in a safe environment it allows you to really push yourself and test your limits.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting requires strength, power, technique and focus its easy to see why so many elite sports people use it as a training method. However these techniqes are not just the perserve of the elite athlete and can be used by anybody to develop, strength, speed as well as flexibility and improved posture. Take a challenge and see what it can do for you.

These are some of my perferred techniques, I also offer group and corporate fitness plans. Get in touch for more details.