Cormac has participated in a wide variety of sports from a young age. Whilst martial arts are his passion he has successfully competed in schools rugby and athletics; as well as fencing to senior international level.

He has gained a reputation as both a mentally and physically strong competitor and an experienced and talented coach. In 2006 he utilised his vast first hand experience to progress rapidly within the premier fitness industry both in Ireland and London.

Cormac is constantly developing new methods of training and due to his skill and passion he has subsequently gained a reputation as an effective and motivated trainer. He will help you to achieve and surpass your goals whilst creating and monitoring a bespoke programme suited to your needs.

The diversity of Cormac’s methods is based on the belief that no two people are alike and that there is no universal fix. He has used this experience to build a training system based around the needs of the individual.

Being a successful personal trainer is not all about the physical side. Cormacs personal skills including a relaxed manner and the ability to put people at their ease this makes this the perfect combination for an excellent trainer.